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Κυριακή, 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Fall in love in fall

Ναι, ναι, η καλή μου Ελενίτσα, η μανουλίτσα μου, είδε πολύ καθαρά στο φλιτζάνι τον μελαχρινό καβαλάρη. Συνάμα ήρθε να την επιβεβαιώσει η εβδομαδιαία αστρολογική πρόβλεψη «Νέος έρωτας στο διάβα σας!».
Καλώς μου ήρθες, μη φύγεις ποτέ από ‘δω
για να ανταμώνουμε πάντα τον ίδιο ουρανό
Καλώς με βρήκες και εγώ έψαχνα για να σε βρω
Καλώς βρεθήκαμε, αγάπη μου, εμείς οι δυο.
Η ερωτική διάθεση χτυπάει κόκκινο !!! Βαίνουμε προς τον κρύο και αδυσώπητο χειμώνα, γι’ αυτό καλό είναι να μεριμνήσουμε προκειμένου να μην καταλήξουμε σαν τον τεμπέλη τζίτζικα. Τι εννοεί ο ποιητής, οεο ;!!! Ο συλλογισμός μου έχει ως εξής :
Ο χειμώνας ακολουθεί το φθινόπωρο.
Το χειμώνα κάνει κρύο-κρύο, οπότε καιρός για δύο.
Για να γίνουμε δύο όμως και το «εγώ» να γίνει «εμείς» πρέπει να κουνήσουμε λιγάκι τον ποπό μας.
Autumn callin’… κορτάρετε για να έχετε!!!
Εκμεταλλευτείτε την καλοκαιρία των ημερών! Get ready και σύρετε τα κορμάκια σας (όχι τα φιδίσια που είναι μπρος και πίσω ίσια, V for καμπύλες λέμε) για ένα μεσημεριανό καφεδάκι διαρκείας.
Χαρά και τσαχπινιά! Τσαχπινιά και όχι π....... ! Γκου χου γκου χου… Excuse me !!! Πιπέρι!!! Το concept της ημέρας : Be the girl next door ©

Oh yes, it's true: my dear Elenitsa, my mommy, saw it clearly at the bottom of the cup of my turkish coffee.....She clearly saw the shape of a dark rider. Then my weekly horoscope confirmed her prediction: "New love is coming your way". So then I will have to say:
Welcome to me and don't ever leave here
so we can look at the same sky.
So good that you found me for I was looking for you too.
So good that we found each other my love, the two of us.
The mood for love is peaking....We are moving towards the cold and cruel winter so let's make provisions so as not to end up as the lazy cricket.

What is the meaning behind this? HUH?? Follow my train of thought:
After spring comes winter.
In winter its is cold-cold-cold so it is time to be with someone.
Yet, in order to leave ME behind us and become WE we have to move our ass a little.
Autumn callin'-flirt someone (or more) so you can have someone. Take advantage of the weather which is still good. Get ready and drag your body( not your perfect skinny body, for we are rooting for curves) out for a long coffee session at noon....JOY and playfulness -but not sluttiness! Pardon my french (shame on me!)
Concept of the day: Be the girl next door 

Leggings: BSB
Sweat elastic leggings with Aztec print

Shirt: BSB
Oversized shirt with raglan sleeves, open neckline and worn finishes

Platforms: Loeffler Randall
Claudelie platform clog in black vachetta leather with black leather covered studs

Bag: Loeffler Randall
The Shooter Bag in black leather with fringe, a hard case bucket bag with a shiny black signature push lock. Interior includes phone pocket.

Earrings: Art wear Dimitriadis
Bianka Earrings, Black Silver Plated with Crystals Swarovski

Denim: BSB
Five-pocket colored skinny denim "Sadie" with low waist, vintage look, used details and discoloration

Knit: Ichi
Warm mocha chocolate sweater

Bag: Loeffler Randall
The Shooter Bag in red saffiano leather, a hard case bucket bag with a brushed gold signature push lock. Interior includes phone pocket.

Cap-toe flats: Loeffler Randall
Nadine pointed toe flat in camel vachetta leather with black vachetta leather cap toe and covered studs. 5mm heel and leather sole.

Earrings: Art wear Dimitriadis
Wrennie Earrings, Bronze Plated with Crystals Swarovski

Watch: Nixon
The spur

Seduce them with a sweet as candy perfume…

This feminine and alluring perfume blends an elegant mix of musk in the top, soft balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet and lovely caramel notes in the base of the fragrance.

Adorable dress: Ichi

Good morning sunshine jacket : Ichi

Necklace: Art wear Dimitriadis
Necklace, Bronze Plated with Crystals Swarovski

Jiama High heels : Jessica Simpson

K Vintage handbag: Folie Folie

Smooches, Goni

Παρασκευή, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Blue blue is the sky…

Inspiring color and favourite one .There is no season for this color although reminds me summer and Greek islands. Blue can match with almost every other color like white, grey, black, pink and if you are more extreme then yellow is the perfect one to match with ! So take a look at those beauties down there!

Peter pan collar blue dress

River Island

Stella mc Courtney

Hache short jumpsuit  

Blue Lapel Sleeveless Single Breas

Jeffrey Campbell 


You all recognise this beauty from SATC  


Blue rivets flat 

marc by Marc Jacobs

follie follie 


Roberto Cavalli 

Jimmy Choo  

Elle Macpherson 

La Perla

With Love